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Days 7 and 8 Post Op. The Light at the End of the Tunnel . . . It’s Not a Train!


Posted by Aiden's Mom | Posted in The First Weeks | Posted on 21-12-2019

These last two days have been great for Aiden.  He’s spent more time with his pack mates which has made a difference in his behavior; it’s really been great for all of us since we’re getting closer to normalcy.  I left the gate open the last two days–as well as last night–and, as expected, Aiden stays pretty much where I am.

The surgery site looks really good, but I think it must be itching.  He has a big Y-shaped incision so he has a lot of stitching.  He’s either wearing a soft Elizabethan collar or a t-shirt to keep him from licking.  I think he likes the t-shirt more because it is definitely softer than the collar.  Whenever he’s wearing the collar he has figured out how to get his muzzle underneath and lick the lower end of the suture line–the bottom of the Y.  The t-shirt covers better and prevents the licking.  I know he’ll be glad to get the sutures out on Tuesday.

I’ve cut back on the Gabapentin to twice a day.  I did give him Tramadol before bedtime last night, but I’m not sure he needed it.  He still whines occasionally, but it doesn’t last but for a few minutes. . . and he still only does it when I’m in the room.

It’s been funny to watch Sydney.  She likes to lay next to Aiden and let him lick on her.  And today she brought him one of her toys and laid it next to him.  It’s like all of them sense that something is going on with him because they have been calmer when they are around him.

I believe we have reached a milestone these last two days.  The impish, goofy Aiden is re-emerging and his confidence is growing.  Curbing his activity level is going to be a challenge, but nothing we can’t handle.   We are about to hit 9 days after surgery—I’ll take these last 9 over the 9 before surgery with all of the uncertainty and stress.  We’ve come a long way these last 18 days.  Our biggest challenges are behind us, and we are facing a very bright and promising future.

Aren’t our Tripawds amazing!!

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Yay, Aiden! It’s so reassuring to read your story. My baby is at the hosp, getting her amp today. How do you secure the t-shirt to prevent licking?

Good Morning!

So sorry to hear your baby has to go through this too. You’ve passed the worst part—wrestling with the decision to amputate. There will a few bumps along the way over the next few days but you will be amazed how resilient your baby is. The best advice I got was to always be positive with Aiden because he doesn’t know that he’s different.

The first time I used a t-shirt on Aiden was the day I picked him up after surgery. I used an XL which fit better around his neck but hung down pretty low underneath. I found that gathering most of the excess up on his back and tying it got it out of the way and covered the entire surgery site. I could leave it loose enough not to bind him up but tight enough he couldn’t get his muzzle underneath. Hope this helps.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

Thanks so much!!

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