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Days 4 and 5 Post Op–Turning Corners


Posted by Aiden's Mom | Posted in The First Weeks | Posted on 17-12-2019

Day 4

At 1:00 yesterday the Fentanyl patch came off.  It must have been itchy because Aiden really licked where the patch had been!  His appetite was still great.  He was even back to his old self when it comes to to his love of tissues and paper towels. . . and his predilection for toilet water :-/.  It’s so absolutely true what they say about Goldens….everything goes in the mouth!

He was still peeing a lot yesterday.  The area of visible bruising had gotten bigger, but that was expected.  The swelling has gone down which is great!

Day 5

Today is the fifth day post-op and I have seen a noticeable uptick in Aiden’s activity level.  The Gabapentin still makes him sleepy, but he seems more alert than he has been. He’s not having to pee near as much either.  The tape and bandages that were covering his sutures have all disappeared so he is now sporting a new green t-shirt to help keep the area clean and to keep him from licking.  He and Sydney are spending more time together, and we’ve all gotten used to the new routine.

I’m keeping a close eye out for any signs that his pain level is going up because of the absence of the Fentanyl.  So far he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. . . no whining, no heavy panting, no restlessness.  That could change, so I have a supply of Tramadol just in case he needs it.  I have to give a shout out to the oncologist and our vet who have both been way ahead of the game on this.   Couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Awww-Moment Side Note

I have a recliner in the room where Aiden is staying.  I’ve been sleeping there because the only bed with mattress and box springs is upstairs.  I had just finished renovating my house when Aiden was diagnosed, so the house is still is in a bit of a chaotic state, and the bed downstairs is just a frame. . . mattress won’t be delivered until January 7.  The weather has been cold the last few nights so I am using a heated throw as cover.  After I had barely gone to sleep I felt one foot . . . then two. . . then three.  For the next hour or so I shared the recliner with Aiden.  I think he really enjoyed that heated throw!

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Awww moment indeed! On all accounts. Getting that patch off is a huge step. I hope his pain levels continue to remain low.

It’s great to know that the doggies are giving each other the space they need.


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